How It Works


For the FF awards, we want to be clear – we simply want to see a wow moment; something that makes people in the fintech industry get so excited about, something that they have to show to a friend not in the industry… and even they go “WOW!”

The entry format is a video. With a maximum run time of 4 minutes, you need to show us enough information, need and solution, that a judge can give it a defined mark out of ten.

The monetary cost to enter is zero. The only barrier to entry is to be able to produce a 4 minute video. Once a video has been submitted we will review it for quality control, before sending it on to be judged.


Once registered, a FF Judge can log in and will be able to view each video entry for each category. After watching an entry, they must give it a mark out of ten before going onto the next entry.

The FF Judge’s mark out of ten is then multiplied by the number of videos in each category they have watched and scored.

The top three total scores and the top two average scores will progress to the final.


The finalists in each category will then have the two weeks before the awards ceremony, where judging will resume. The winner will be the entry with the highest total score.