• WOW Moment in Consumer Banking

    Delivering a truly extraordinary customer experience and going the extra mile to create WOW! moments for your customers through unique and unexpected service level wins is something few can acheive - how do you?.

  • WOW Moment in Business Banking

    Does your product display unparalelled understanding of modern business requirements and do you over-deliver on service and support for SME customers?

  • Invisible Security

    Is it possible to implement exceptional security with a minimal footprint? Do you deliver remarkable security features without fanfare, keeping our details stealthily safe?

  • Pillar Of Payments

    Payments are literally the vital infrastructure of any financial institution. How have you enhanced and levelled up payments for the 21st century?

  • WOW Moment in ID Verification

    How can around a billion people, who live in every country on the planet, be able to hold a digital identity?

  • Biggest WOW using AI

    AI has the potential to shape the world, especially in financial services. How are you leveraging AI to automate previously manual (or impossible) tasks?

  • WOW moment in Cross-Border Payments

    The world is now a much smaller place. Transactions and communication happen at the speed of light. How do you exploit barrierless international trade?

  • Best WOW Insight from Data

    How has access to and analysis of big data enhanced your customers experience, ramped up security, or do you use it in an unexpected way?

  • Best WOW in Blockchain

    From the shadows, into the light; blockchain, crypto and defi are now industries in their own right. How are decentralised products impacting customers and the wider society?

  • WOW Moment in Lending

    Buy Now Pay Later, Pay in Three and direct merchant credit have changed the face of loans and lending. What other amazing innovations are being implemented in lending?

  • Authentic ESG

    No virtue signalling here! We're looking for genuine leaders with passionate long term goals in ethical standards, sustainability, or confronting human rights violators.

  • Unseen Embedded Finance

    Embedded finance has enabled seamless payment options for merchants in all industries. How are you opening up financial service opportunities in non-financial sectors?

  • Open Banking espirit de fiducia

    In a previously unthought of age of openness and trust how are you delivering or utilising information in the great age of shared prosperity?

  • WOW Moment in Growing your Wealth

    With wealthtech more accessible than ever before, how are you helping a new breed of investor to increase the value and purchasing power of their money?

  • WOW! We can Build a Bank!

    From banking as a service, to creating the very core, we're looking for products which are reliable, agile and most importantly innovative. Do you out-bank the banks?