Welcome to the FF Awards 2022

The Winners of the 2022 FF Awards have been announced. Thank you to everyone who entered and attended our ceremony last night - it was a great success and a real pleasure mixing with all the inspirational leaders who came to support the show! Pictures and video of the night will be coming to bot FF News and here shortly. In the meantime you can view the award winners here: 2022 FF Awards Winners




Welcome to the FF awards 2022. Once again we are searching for the biggest "WOW" moments in fintech, calling on all innovators in fintech, insurtech and paytech; and their customers, to submit their video pitch for Fintech Finance News subscribers to vote on.

Thanks to all of the wonderful entrants, sponsors and judges who helped to make 2021’s awards a phenomenal success, despite being our first year delivering an awards event. Check out the highlight reels!

What a show! We managed to get a whole lot right - but we also had a lot of constructive feedback and when you spoke, we listened, so this year things are a little simpler, a little clearer and a lot better!

Entrants have 3 months to get their videos in. A whole quarter to plan and execute your video entry. The entry format is again a video with a maximum runtime of 4 minutes - in that 4 minutes you need to show enough information, need and solution, that a judge can make an informed decision on whether or not to vote for your entry.

We’ve adjusted some categories and added a couple of new ones, including Mobile Payments, Innovative Insurtech and the Partnership award where you’re invited to submit your work with an end user and BOTH win an award!

Judging is again open to the public but this year limited to subscribers of Fintech Finance. If you’re not already a subscriber, signing up to judge will also sign you up to our FF News | Fintech Finance mailing list.

Judges will be asked to choose their favourite videos in their preferred categories. A judge can vote for as many, or as few, videos as they like, with every vote carrying equal weight. No marking out of ten, simply vote for any entry you think deserves to be a winner.

If last year tought us anything it's that just one vote could easily be the difference! This isn't just a soundbite, this is a fact!

Winners will be announced and trophies presented at our awards ceremony on 29th November 2022 at Old Billingsgate.

Entries Now Closed

Awards timeline

  • Entries Open Mon 14th March 2022
    Entries open for submission.
  • Entries Close Fri 29th July Midnight
    Entries will no longer be accepted. First round of voting begins. Votes cast will determine 5 finalists in each category.
  • Round 1 Judging Begins Mon 1st August 09:00
    1st Round of judging begins.

    Round 1 Judging Closes
    Fri 26th August
    Round 1 Judging Ends.
  • Finalists Announced - Round 2 Judging Begins Thurs 1st September
    Finalists Announced September 1st, judging begins to determine winners in each category
  • 2nd Round Voting Ends Fri 28th October 00:00
    2nd Round Voting Ends. Winners Calculated.
  • Award Show Tue 29th November
    Award Ceremony @ Old Billingsgate. Winners announced from 19:30.